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With more pressure on the rail system to increase output at lower cost and risk, rail engineers and asset managers need accurate, up-to-date information to help them make more informed decisions related to investments and operations.

Approved and accredited by international rail network bodies, Fugro’s rail experts help you build a better understanding of the surface and subsurface conditions of your network. We bring the railway onto your desktop, allowing you to analyse and extract actionable information more quickly and efficiently for the many applications including:

Corridor mapping and 3D visualisation
Our aerial LiDAR and imaging capability is a fast, accurate and cost effective solution to map complete railway networks for pre-feasibility track design. The laser point cloud is processed to create a digital terrain model and extract features within the railway boundary including track assets, structures, earthworks and vegetation. The LiDAR data can be combined with RILA and RILA 360 to provide an exact XYZ location on all objects in the corridor model with direct links to the asset databases. Other data collected includes orthophotography, oblique imagery and video.

Rail alignment and track geometry
Fugro’s rail infrastructure alignment acquisition system (RILA) provides superior levels of accuracy to measure absolute track position and geometry. RILA connects to nearly any train in less than two minutes, surveying the rail tracks at line speed (up to 100mph/160kmh) to acquire actual, accurate positional information and geo-referenced video of railway assets to sub-millimetre accuracy.

Using RILA removes the risk of having surveyors trackside, supplying measurement data in a non-disruptive way at significantly lower cost than traditional survey methods. With RILA you measure once but the data can be used for many different applications for both asset management services and infrastructure projects including:

  • track geometry and track safety parameters
  • rail wear and S&C condition surveys and monitoring
  • comfort and ride parameters
  • building information models (BIM)
  • input to the European ECTS signalling system

Trackbed assessment
Using our sophisticated train-mounted ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems we can rapidly survey entire routes without affecting scheduled train movements, providing a comprehensive overview of track ballast thickness and condition. Alternatively, more detailed investigation can be undertaken of specific sites to map buried utilities and potential obstructions.

Geotechnics and engineering geophysics
From electromagnetic and magnetic techniques that provide a rapid overview of conditions, to more definitive methods such as microgravity, seismics or precisely targeted drilling or cone penetration testing, Fugro’s broad engineering geotechnical capability provides high resolution insight below the surface to optimise design, construction and rehabilitation.

Structural investigation
Our structural investigation experts ensure you are better informed about the structure and condition of rail tunnels, bridges and buildings. Using techniques such as GPR, ultrasonics and infrared thermography they can reveal subsurface changes that can help explain deterioration or failure mechanisms.

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